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Because they are clever, emotional, and simple to care for, cats continue to be the most common pets throughout diverse families and countries.

You might be shocked at how expensive cat breeds are, and many might ask if pet owners are prepared to spend thousands of dollars to get a pet for their home. However, there are pet owners that prefer certain types of cats in their homes.



The following is a list of the most expensive cat breeds currently in existence, along with predictions for their prices in 2021.


The Norwegian Forest Cat, No. 10



One of the priciest cat breeds in the world is the Norwegian Forest Cat.


The Norwegian Forest cat can cost up to $1200 and comes from northern Europe, which is why it made the list of the priciest cat breeds. This breed is adapted to cold climates, and an interesting fact about it is that it might have been descended from the short-haired cats that the Vikings brought to Norway around the year 1000 AD.


If you’re thinking about getting a short-haired cat, you should be aware that there are some health risks you need to be aware of. It’s also thought that the original short-haired cats are descended from the Siberian and Turkish Angora breeds.


The cost of this breed is approximately $600, though it can be more expensive depending on the quality and beauty of the cat you intend to purchase. This breed is predisposed to renal and heart disorders.


9- The Mau cat from Egypt



The next most costly cat breed is the Egyptian Mau. Small to the medium-sized cat with distinctive, organic markings. The Bahraini Dilmun is a breed that shares this trait. The Egyptian Mau markings are distinct because they only show up on the fur’s tip.


The Egyptian Mau cat first appeared in 1952. Although it has been claimed that the Egyptian Mau originated in Egypt, DNA testing reveals that it actually has North American and European ancestry.


The Egyptian Mau is said to be one of the ancestors of the contemporary domestic cat, and it differs noticeably from other cats there in terms of morphological characteristics.


The Egyptian Mau’s tiny front legs are one of its most distinguishing features, and its long, dark back stripe runs from its head to its spine tail. The Egyptian Mau is a loving, devoted cat with a temperament that makes it a great choice for families with young children.



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