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Many images of nature present a gloomy view of the big outdoors. The creatures seem solemn, reflective, and pensive. That is not what you will witness today. These humorous and unguarded wildlife images show that animals can be just as silly as people when they believe no one is looking.

In this collection of wonderful images, we see monkeys going crazy, sharks displaying a softer side, and plenty of squirrels engaging in all sorts of mischief. The following photographers not only have an eye for what makes a good photo, but they also have an understanding of what is humorous, as seen by the fact that each of these images was a finalist in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Wildlife photograbear


Roie Galitz, one of the most celebrated contemporary wildlife photographers, took this image, which is just one of his incredible photographs of animals in their natural habitat. Galitz paused in his discussion of his passion for photography to add that his enthusiasm for what he does is the reason his images are so compelling and intimate. He clarified:

I adore the outdoors and animals. I have always. I really believe that you should go where your advantages can be used as tools of commerce. Although I’m quite skilled in technical areas, I struggle in interpersonal situations. Therefore, I will never be able to capture portraits as well as the incredible masters… But in the area of wildlife photography, I can really make a name for myself. You want to be in the position where your talent and passion intersect.


It takes two to tango

The world of bears is immensely intriguing. They are both fun-loving tiny weirdos who dance with each other when they believe they are alone and apex predators that roam the forests eating pretty much anything they choose.

Valtteri Mulkahainen, a photographer and teacher from Finland, captured a trio of dancing bears and calls the sight “wonderful.”

I hid and kept an eye on them to see what they did. Like little children, the cubs played with one another. It resembled circle dance as they stood in a circle and started to push and stamp each other. They pushed and shoved each other while standing there for around 30 seconds. They all fell to the ground in a single heap after they started fighting.


Show us a smile 

Due to their vivid colors and mouths that resemble beaks, parrot fish are common along the Indo-rocky Pacific’s shores and reefs. It’s even more intriguing because they don’t naturally smile like the fish in the picture.

Photographer Arthur Telle Thiemenn outlined the persistence required to capture this ideal image:

Parrot fish from El Hierro, Canary Islands. I spotted this particular parrot fish with a twisted mouth that appeared to be grinning. I’m not sure if a fishing hook or just a hard object that it tried to bite caused it. It took me several minutes of concentration before I was able to get this frontal photo, but it definitely made my day!


Welp, summer’s over

Although birds are frequently portrayed as graceful creatures that fly through the air on wings that are lighter than the wind, this photograph demonstrates that being a former dinosaur may occasionally be an embarrassment. It’s quite fortunate that this man was able to capture one of those flawless pictures that we see so infrequently.

Nobody intends to capture a photo this funny, but occasionally everything just aligns itself before you press the shutter. Photographer John Spiers mentioned the following when speaking with Spectrum Photo:

As I was photographing pigeons in flight, a leaf fell upon the bird’s face.


Man or astroman? 

Japanese macaques are a kind of monkey that reside north of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. This adorable little boy is one of them. Due to their thick coats and modest diet of bark and pine leaves, which they must consume at regular intervals to ensure they can keep their bodies warm in the subzero conditions, these macaques are well adapted to life in cold regions.

The other macaques started going to a spring in 1963 after a female started doing so. This started a long-standing custom of relaxing in a hot spring during the deepest winter months. Knowing that relaxing in a hot tub is enjoyable whether you’re a human or a primate is quite wonderful.

Time for school 




Even in the animal kingdom, moms are renowned for raising their young, even though the young don’t always want to be raised. This expertly timed image of a smooth-coated otter dragging her young through the water demonstrates how these creatures teach their young to swim; unfortunately, it appears as though she’s ripping the baby’s head off.

It can’t be simple to take a picture like this. To catch this mother snatching her child by the scruff of its neck and telling it what for, you’d have to wait for the right opportunity. It’s amazing to watch an animal behave like a human mother and watch over her young

The joy of a mud bath 

Is there anything more enjoyable than just having a good time and playing in the mud? for a large elephant? No way. This photo, which was taken in Zimbabwe along the edge of Lake Kariba, shows an elephant having a great time. Even while it might seem disgusting, these animals actually truly enjoy it.

Elephants roll around in the mud to cool off and to sooth any insect bites they may have. They also do this to protect themselves from the heat. Elephants frequently bathe in groups so they can ensure they clean all of the tight spaces.


That’s gonna leave a mark 

Woof! Does anyone else currently feel pain? These kinds of golden silk monkeys reside in large groups in the China’s hilly forests and frequently sleep in groups inside of trees.

Photographer Ken Jensen claims that this is an aggressive act rather than a picture of a monkey who is completely wracking himself. Jensen never expected this picture to win the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award. He said to Newsweek:

The news that my entry had won completely staggered me. especially considering that many gorgeous photographs were sent. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that one’s image is making people smile throughout the world and supporting some incredibly good conservation causes. The publicity that my image has garnered over the past several months has been phenomenal.


Jean Claude Van Squirrel 

Geert Weggen, a Dutch-Swedish photographer, is an expert at capturing the ideal image of an animal in the field. He especially excels at capturing the ideal image of a squirrel. Speaking with My Modern Met about his work, he revealed that achieving this kind of shot requires more than just talent and perseverance. He stated:

Food. It mostly revolves on that. They would not come if I didn’t have food. Despite the fact that various birds and squirrels come to my house and follow me around. If there was nothing to gain, they wouldn’t do that. We share and benefit from one another.


Let’s dance 

One of the cutest animals around is the prairie dog. In addition to digging throughout the earth and moving from hole to hole, they frequently engage in adorable but sometimes perplexing “dances.” Actually, with all that shifting and shaking, we have no idea what they’re up to.

When prairie dogs are chatting and hopping around, it may appear as though a dance is being performed with no one in attendance. The purpose of this small ritual, according to researchers, is to either warn other prairie dogs to stay away from their territory or to indicate that a predator has left the area.


He who jumps the highest 

Mudskippers are utterly insane. These amphibious animals may appear to be bottom feeders, but they aren’t forced to swim if they don’t want to. These animals “skip” out of the water and sort of walk across the lagoons and mud flats where they live thanks to their huge pectoral fins.

Anywhere in the south-eastern hemisphere, but particularly in the marshes and lagoons of Japan, the Philippines, and the Indo-Pacific, is a great place to take your own super-cool photo of one of these animals. Only be careful where you tread.



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